Talent Management

Talent leads talent – A talent based leadership is distinguished by:

  • The corporate culture is talent oriented
  • The company makes the talents of people at the center of human resources management and leadership at the departmental level
  • Recruiting and development carried out on the basis of clear talent and competence definitions and clearer expectations

In talent based leadership managers support each level while their employees to bring their own talents to develop. To recognize and selectively develop is the job of managers and employees alike. To create the framework for this is the clear responsibility of managers.

Tnchange is licensed in the TMA methodology and can therefore implement projects around talent development and talent management in your company.

TMA is a useful tool in:

  • Recruiting the wrong staff is costly both measured in terms of money and spend time. TMA offers a thorough assessment of the candidates.
  • Developing the organization needs a structured approach in the TMA – solution is included individually as well as 3600 assessment.
  • Restructuring/career planning: Transformation processes especially in combined entities typically leads to the need for regrouping the organization. TMA provides a solid foundation for the derived decisions.

The TMA method

Tnchange is part of the Nordic group of re-sellers of TMA®


Pressure for adapting to radical demands for change


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Prioritizing tasks into manageable projects
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